Max Verstappen’s Exclusive Trophy Revelation from Japanese GP! πŸ˜˜πŸ† | Behind-the-Scenes F1 Secrets


Max Verstappen, securing yet another victory at the Japanese Grand Prix, celebrated with a unique trophy that added a special touch to his triumphs this season. The P1 trophy, unlike the others, had a distinctive feature – it lit up when kissed. In a recent simstream, the reigning two-time world champion shared a behind-the-scenes revelation about this particular trophy.

During the stream, Verstappen disclosed, “The P1 trophy was the only one with a button to illuminate it. It came with a sort of remote control that allowed you to select different countries. The instructions suggested you could either kiss the trophy or simply press the button to activate the light. However, Max emphasized that kissing the trophy looked more aesthetically pleasing.”


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